giovedì 17 marzo 2011

APAD 8" by Utopia (M801) disassembling

Hi, after my last post about this tablet I take knowledge that the internal 4GB rom was reached by a microSD class 4 and to be sure about it and to upgrade my tablet 4GB to may be 16 or 32GB I disassembled it. To start disassembling you must first remove two screws in the bottom side vertically looking the display. May be the two screws are covered by two little warranty void stickers, you must remove them. After with a little plain screwdriver start removing the touch panel long the edge between the black edge and silver edge. There are many hooks, slowly unlock them and pay attention to the internal cables, in the middle bottom and in the middle left side. To remove the lcd panel too unscrew the four corner screws.
Here the images of the tablet opened...

The rom is a microSD 4GB class4 as announced and I was happy to be sure about it, now I can upgrade the tablet with a faster and bigger microSD 8/16/32 GB class6. What I thought to modify is the microphone hole, to make one larger may be on the panel on the black side upon the microphone, may be change also the speacker with a best one, faor this I have two speakers from my netbook AOA150 wich changed with better speakers some time ago.
Also change battery it's not difficult having a little bit soldering experience...
Interesting would be reach some usb ports and may be can change the webcam module with one at least VGA 640x480 pixel.
Hope to be helpful 4U again!

mercoledì 16 marzo 2011

APAD 8" by Utopia (M801)

Hi people, spent some days playng with my new
tablet from China, it's the APAD by Utopia (M801) Android 2.2 Froyo OS tablet with Android Market and powered by Cortex A8 iMX515 freescale CPU@800 up to 1200 with overclock, 512 MB ram and 4GB rom with max 32GB external SDHC microSD. You can find it for 169€ directly from china.
This unit has a resistive touch LCD led lighted display NO multi-touch 4/3@800x600 pixel, there is a 320x240 pixel webcam, WiFi module standard b/g and G-sensor. What there isn't are HSDPA modem (3G module), Bluetooth and GPS. Not hi problema! You can connect these modules externally by the dock-USB cable (female) in boundle. There is also the a dock-USB cable (male) to connect to your PC.
Trying rooting Froyo I tested many software and the first that rooted it successfully was Z4root V 1.3.0, I found it here:
What I can't do by now is connecting by my Huawei E169 USB HSDPA modem but I'm working on it and found many online howto. After rooting I could delete the software installed by Utopia because it was only in Chinese lang and make it run at 1200MHz by Overclock Widget from android market. First you have to set the widget and then you can clock it to 1,2 GHz but I don't know why the widget icon shows 800MHz even if I can see the animate galaxy wallpaper go faster!?
The display is very nice with a good brightness and good contrast, I set it at 70% to save battery, best would be at 100%. Using a capacitive display with my Samsung Galaxy 5 phone, this resistive display at a first time appears not good but using it I take confidence with it and finally I can say that it's a very good and sensitive display, the max is using it with a stylus, nice playing with Angry Birds, Spider Man, Slice It and Farm Tower.
One think that shocks me was the G-sensor sensibility, firstly rotating the tablet I thought that there would be a minimal G-sensor only for the rotation function but when I played with the race game installed, I found it very fine!
The battery is a 3900/4200mA Li-polymer (inside the box there are two documents with these two different battery capacities reported sure is a Li polymer) and has life of 4 hours with WiFi on. By now I'm at the 4th recharge time and I hope the battery will reach his max capacity in a few other recharges times. My final opinion about this tablet is 8/10, Android is fantastic and customizable and the hardware is excellent even if a capacitive display would be better but consider the price!

In the left you can see little hole for built in microphone, audio mini jack imput, microSD slot, little hole for reset switch, 30 pin dock port (the same of Apple format) and the audio speaker holes. On the right there is the right tablet side and you can see a double button home/menu and the on/off switch.

The back is all silver painted wonderful for your stickers!!!
The package is fine with magnetic closure, documentation is useless, only an hardware description and some easy android operations. Inside the US/EU standard AC adapter charger 9V 1.5A, and two 30 pin dock to USB cable one for PC connection (male) and one for connection with external hardware (female). Iside the box there is the stylus place but empty!?
In the right image you can see the specifications.
This the web address
Hope to be helpful 4U