mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

APAD 8" by Utopia (M801) 3G connected!

Hi guys, here is our Apad 3G connected as U can see in the picture above with external 3G modem Huawei E1750 unlocked!!!
There are many people out there getting nuts for connecting this device with an external 3G modem but HOW MANY OF THEM REALLY FOLLOW SELLER'S REQUIREMENTS???
Not many as me at a first approach I tried to connect via my Huawey E169 and trying many APN configurations I was able to connect this Apad only two times for few seconds (it appears the 3G icon on the status bar).
One day I finally decided to buy an Huawei E1750 the seller in the ebay auction wrote that the pad will connect with this USB kay.
One time I got the E1750, after resetting all my old APN settings (all deleted and so no APN settings present!!!) I switched on the Apad, connected the E1750 to the Apad by his dock to USB dongle and selected the "3G Open Dongle" icon present by default in the application menu, followed the on screen messages (only wait for 15-30 secs) and MAGICALLY the Apad was 3g connected!!!

This is my 3G modem, I bought it on ebay searching for a new and cheaper one but I'm sure every E1750 will be good.
Now my next step will be to integrate the E1750 inside the Apad activating it if necessary by a switch, I think to make an internal connection to the Dock pins by soldering four littlw wires to the pins of the USB key and placing a switch on the 5V wire or the GRN wire to switch the modem ON/OFF.