martedì 6 settembre 2011

aPad by Utopia (M801) intenal memory upgrade

Hi people, yesterday I upgraded my aPad internal 4GB memory with one faster.
As you know in the M801 series the internal memory is on microSD card and in my case it was a class4 memory, I improved it with one 8GB class6.
The metod is to create an image of the original SD and install it to another faster SD.
I use the dd command under linux (Ubuntu) in this way:
- insert the microSD card in to your PC (into a multimedia reader connected to your PC), it will automatically mount it;
- open a terminal and write: sudo dd if=/dev/sdf1 of=/home/gae/sdimage
The command go to read in /dev/ "name of your microSD" my was sdf1 and will create a file in /home/"your home" my is gae/ called sdimage;

the process will take some time...

- after ending unmount the SD and put in the new one faster;
- if there are partition in it the system will automatically mount it but the SD must be unmounted so you have to unmount it;
- type in terminal: sudo dd if=/home/"your home"/sdimage of=/dev/"name of your microSD"

many times again and at the end you will have a new faster SD to insert in your aPad!
I used also bigger SD of 8GB and tried to modify the partition inside with gparted but I couldn't modify as I like because of the original table partition that can't be modified or I'm not able to do it...
So by now only a faster inernal memory.
The sistem boot faster and read/write the SD faster but to get a very fast system I suggest to use a class10 microSD.
I hope to be able to modify also the partition to get a bigger internal memory too.

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