venerdì 2 dicembre 2011

aPad by Utopia (M801 one speaker model) charger akd dock connector

Hi, to help you in case of problem with the charger and/or the dock connector I post some pictures of these important parts.
Remember that the charger in the picture is about aPad model M801 with one speaker, I don't know if this is the same for the two speaker model, be careful if you intend to repair your charger for this two speaker model from my pictures!!!
The first dock connector pictures shows the dock whit plastic cover, upon the up side there is the dock simbol (a rounded rectangle), be careful about this because when I opened the box this plastic cover was disposed opposite, with the dock simbol on the bottom side, I simply opened and cosed the plastic covers in the right way.The second pictures shows the dock without the plastic covers from the front. Here you can see a little how the charging contacts are disposed. In the last picture there is the dock without plastic cover from the back and up side down because in this way I can show better the right position of the carging pins.
In the last pictures we can see that the 30 pins dock is divide in groups of five pins and also that the charging pins are double + and -. In particular, from right to left the positive poles are pins nober 11 and 12 and the negative pins are pins 15 and 16. Take in mind that in the last picture the dock is upside down and for this reason I counted from the right to the left!

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